Windows 8.1 – the demise

And so the bell is rung for Windows 8.1

If you are an 8.1 user you will no doubt have seen the remarks telling you about the end of updates and support as of this month. Whilst this doesn’t mean your machine will stop working instantly and ride off into the sunset, it does mean that over time, the system and programs will become more troublesome as the latest updates/bug fixes are no longer applied

But fear not! You don’t necessarily have to buy a new machine – you can, in fact, upgrade the operating system and transfer all your personal data and carry on as usual.

Ideally, with the SSD disk technology, upgrading the drive and operating system means the current PC you are using can continue to be used and at a much better performance than with the older spinning drives.

So if you are reluctant to add to the piles of PCs and would rather upgrade your current PC, contact me and I can give you your options to Keep Calm and Carry on Computing!

As always, safe surfing all