IT Support


Basically, if its technical, whether it be programming your internet tv, connecting game consoles, setting up mobile phones and so much more, then it’s in my scope.

 I have experience with most operating systems and keep up to date with any current changes/additions to the IT world.

 I can offer two methods of help either remotely (in the case of a software problem) or a home visit.

 Remote Access (per session @ €30.00)

 I can connect to your computer and control it as if I was sitting in front of the screen either using remote software that comes with Microsoft Windows or similar.. I can then examine your computer and solve whatever problems there may be.

 *This requires some intervention from the user so no unauthorised access can occur.

 Home Visit in the Poitou Charente – 45€ for the first hour ( minimum hourly charge ) then €35 thereafter.

 If a remote access is not possible, then I can conduct home visits. I am based in department 79 of France and travel to the border departments.

 I can travel to your location and have many tools to be able to inspect/repair the computer onsite. I can also call any internet providers (such as Orange or SFR for example) to resolve connectivity issues.

 Longer fixes can take place at my office and the pc returned thereby saving on-site hourly costs.