Winter is coming!

Winter is coming!

As the nights begin to draw in and fires lit, your tech may find it harder to breathe.

Dust and debris are everywhere and a constant running fan, be it in a desktop, laptop or console sucks in all and deposits on the heatsink and elsewhere.

Eventually, the buildup is so great that the heat cannot be dissipated and problems occur.

Initially, motherboards will begin to ‘throttle’ the processor to try and reduce the heat and then, if the tech is smart enough, it will shut down.

If not, permanent damage will occur and often component replacements are more expensive than buying new!

A before and after – quite a bit of dust here!

So, if it sounds noisier than usual , or is warmer than usual or just hasn’t had a service in a while, contact me and we can arrange a good clean up and ensure the tech lives to fight another day!

And as usual – safe surfing all!