Website Design


I can offer a comprehensive new web site design package or I can assist with your existing site, if you need to improve or amend for example, and can add interactivity to your web site. I keep one eye on the moving world of websites at all times as technologies are changing all the time.

New sites

Tailor-made specifically to your designs – I don’t use any tools that can restrict your choices and if you are not sure, we can work over several designs together until it is right. Being able to code means I can give you what you want as opposed to what you get and as I am not dependant on third party ‘plug-ins’ and templates there is a guaranteed longevity to the site.

 Existing sites

Perhaps your site looks tired or you are having problems or issues with your site?

 I can assist with any problems or improvements you require and have the ability to take on existing sites by examining the code directly and understanding the current setup.

 Web coding

Using web programming languages, I can add interactivity to your site such as a Content Management System ie;

  • You have a gallery that requires images to be added, removed or edited.
  • You have pages with frequent text changes that require a method of editing when you wish.
  • An online calendar system, for gite management, for example, that allows you to book out dates for properties.

The list is endless and I have catered for many different requirements.

Some examples of my sites: