Website Support


As part of RobSmith-IT services,  I have an additional support role within the web design business.

 Put basically, as well as my own sites, I am supporting other web designers in the development of their sites by assisting in areas where an additional technical practice is needed or where, quite simply, the pressures of time limit the service that a designer can offer.

 My areas of expertise, which include JavaScript, programming languages PHP and ASP, plus database knowledge (MySql, SQL, Access), will enable me to offer a designer support where interactivity is needed in a website. For example, in a property site, where a Content Management System is required, I can create a system that can be managed by the client allowing uploading of properties and the addition of relevant codes to the designed pages.

 My support will allow the web designer the freedom to continue with their site design, secure in the knowledge that any data that is required to be integrated on any page can be done either at the same time or when the design stage permits.

 I am currently supporting designers based in the United Kingdom, France and Spain, distance in the electronic age being no problem. I converse with my clients via the telephone and/or Skype Chat, the latter two having the advantage that changes and modifications can be addressed immediately and discussions on the development of a site can be saved and looked back on almost like meeting notes.