Upgrade and Improve

Give life to your tired PC!

In January 2020, Windows 7 will no longer be supported by Microsoft.

Whilst this doesn’t mean your PC will suddenly stop working, it does mean that any security updates will no longer be available and eventually the system will more be vulnerable to attacks.

With this in mind, it may not be necessary to buy a whole new computer, we can simply upgrade some of the main components in your current PC such as memory (RAM) and the hard drive.

Converting your hard drive to SSD will give it a whole new lease of life, and the upgrade could then bring your PC up to date with Windows 10.

Already on Windows 10?

If you already have Windows 10, but are finding it slow, then this upgrade can help as well ( this can also clear all the ‘pre-loaded’ junk that the manufacturer adds when the PC is new) – you will be surprised as to how quick your PC could suddenly become!

Got a Mac?

If you have an older Mac which is running slow, rather than replace for a new one, then replacing the hard drive for SSD can give it a whole new lease of life – your current Mac can be cloned onto the SSD drive so it all looks the same, but runs many times faster!

Contact me for more details and prices and lets get speedy!